Daycare and Child Care Field Trips

We offer special rates for daycares, summer camps, and other child care organizations during our day sessions throughout the summertime and on school holidays. Our packages always include lunch which consists of the group’s choice of a slice of pizza/chips and a small drink or a hot dog/chips and a small drink. We include 1 teacher for EVERY 10 children is included FREE for lunch. Make sure to check our calendars, when school is out, we are open!

Group Daycare rates are available from 10 am – 2 pm.

  • Our last lunch is 2 pm if you are not here by 1:30 you will not be included for lunch. 
  • These rates are valid for groups with a minimum of 15 children.
  • Please make your reservation as soon as possible to ensure that we can accommodate your group. 
  • One leader is included for lunch for every teen kid in the group.
  • Call us today at 770-432-6222 ext.0 or email us at


Attractions to Choose From


Play Zone


Skate Rental Included

10 & under or 4′ 2″ & under

16 game tokens per person

Package Prices

1 Attraction + Lunch 

2 Attractions + Lunch

3 Attractions + Lunch 

$8 Per Child

$10 Per Child

$12 Per Child

Lunch Options 

1 Hot Dog

1 Bag of Chips

1 8oz Drink


1 Slice of Cheese Pizza

1 Bag of Chips

1 8oz Drink


Call (770) 432-6222 To Book Today!

Daycare Reservations

Field trip reservation for Daycares & Daycamps during the Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall, and School Breaks!
  • Please list the dates you are looking to visit our facility. Our daycare/ childcare hours are only applicable Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm. You must arrive before 2pm to be eligible for lunch time slots and group pricing.
  • Please list the estimated number of children in your group
  • We accommodate 1 free Teacher per 10 kids. Each leader over is $10 each. (We round up to the nearest whole number.)
  • Everyone must have the same food option. we can only accommodate up-to two children with alternative food options.
  • Please note all children must have the same attraction package. [Attractions Offered: Skating with Skate Rental ,Access to the two story Indoor Playground (must be 4ft. 2in. & shorter), Arcade ( each child will get 1 pre-loaded game card with 16 play credits each)]
    Invoice will require a 2 week notice minimum!