Sessions at Sparkles

Sparkles offers sessions all year long. There is never a day that we are not offering FUN at Sparkles. Whether you’re looking for an activity for the kids to get out some energy or to dance the night away to the music of today and yesterday we have just the thing for you and your family!

Our yearly calendar follows the local school district calendar, details can be found on our schedule page (include link to our calendar) but to make it easy, when school is out, we are open!

We play great, family-oriented music during each and every session. Each session does have specific themes and celebrations of particular eras and styles of music,view our Calendar page for all session themes, times & prices. Sparkles makes every effort to ensure a fun, family environment by making sure all of our music is clean & appropriate for all ages.

We’ll see you there!

Please Note: During all of our discount sessions ($1-$4 admission rate), everyone is required to pay admission, whether they are skating or not. On Saturday nights, after 5 PM, non-skating adults must pay a $3 admission fee to enter the building. All children, between the ages of 2 & 18, must always pay admission to enter the building, whether they are skating or not. Groupons are not accepted after 6:00pm on Saturdays.