Skating at Sparkles Smyrna

Lace-up a pair of skates and head out to our skate floor at Smyrna. Skating is fun for all ages! Not only will you have a great time but you also get an excellent workout when you skate!

Fun Fact: Did you know that an average size person skating for 2 1/2 hours burns more than 1,200 calories? Check out these comparisons:

Activity Length of time Calories Burned
Moderate House Cleaning 2 1/2 hours 507
Brisk Walking 2 1/2 hours 620
Playing Basketball 2 1/2 hours 981
Continuous Bowling 2 1/2 hours 607
Strenuous Gardening 2 1/2 hours 810
Skating 2 1/2 hours 1,200

Feel free to bring your own skates (no heelies, please) or rent ours! We offer Quad, Inline, and Speed Skates. Our DJ plays all of your favorite music!